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What is the real difference between conventional cotton vs. organic cotton?

Did you ever wonder where your t-shirt came from?  What the cotton fields look like?  Who picks the cotton from the plants and how they handle the heat of the sun all day?  Or how the threads were made and dyed?  Well we did, and maybe our curiosity got the best of us, but now we are well informed about the cotton industry and how it affects the planet and those involved in it's manufacturing.  

When I dreamed up Indigo, there were a few key factors that would stay at the helm: Eco-conscious apparel and human-friendly work environments.  We support smaller companies that follow fair trade standards and practices.  What does all this mean?  Well, fair trade means that the people who make our products are not children, slaves or work in any unsafe or unethical atmosphere and are also paid a fair working wage.  Eco means that no toxins or bleaching is used on fabrics, and less water is used in production.  You would be surprised how many chemicals are in your clothing when they are sitting on a display in the stores.  Our products are pure, simple and fashionable!  

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